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A:G - Impulses EP [X2SEE01]

A:G - Impulses EP [X2SEE01]

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Shut your eyes, can you feel it? It's X2SEE…

Creating the first batch on the freshly pressed X2SEE label is the Norwegian chemist, A:G. Starting on a high, the “Impulses” EP explores deep shades of electro and rushes of techno throughout, a familiar sound from the flourishing producer in years gone by. 

Acid tinged melodies, and punchy broken drums are a consistent theme throughout the first high from X2SEE, ripe and ready straight from the realms of the underground. Transcending and spaced out sounds tease in and out throughout the EP in the likes of “Catching Up” and “That’s Not The Moon”, with hints of trance and progressive energy in “Let It Go”.

A:G striking whilst it's hot with further dynamic output!

A1: Catching Up
A2: Thats Not The Moon
B1: Impulses
B2: Let It Go
B3: New Doors
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